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The logo of Whole Mama Wellness Collective stands as a poignant representation of femininity, birth, and the nurturing essence of motherhood. Drawing inspiration from the age-old symbols of the Tapuat and the labyrinth, this emblem is a modern interpretation of the female narrative. It applauds the creative vigor of the mother, the vitality she embodies, and the multifaceted journey of motherhood that links one generation to the next.


Coined as the ‘Mother Journey’ by Jade, our logo encapsulates the intricate journey of life and the divine connection between mother and offspring. It pays homage to the myriad birth experiences, spanning from natural to medicated, serving as a symbol of solidarity, empowerment, and inclusivity for all mothers.


Designed to be worn close to the heart, this symbol acts as a steadfast reminder of a woman's resilience, her unique path, and the communal fabric of womanhood. It's more than just a logo; it's a declaration for women everywhere, celebrating the transformative odyssey of becoming and being a MOTHER!


The Mother Journey logo of Whole Mama Wellness Collective is a heartfelt tribute to the legacy of femininity, birth, and the nurturing force that is motherhood. It is a creation inspired by the essence of the Tapuat and the labyrinth,re-envisioned through the lens of the female experience. This emblem celebrates the creative power of the mother, the life force she carries and passes on, and the intricate path of motherhood that intertwines generation with generation.

Whole Mama Logo
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