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"Wholehearted Support, Empowered Journeys:
Hear from our cherished families and experience the transformative impact of Whole Mama Wellness Collective's nurturing care and guidance." 


"I don’t even know where to start. When people ask me about my birth experience I rave about how wonderful it was. Birth is a crazy, intense, and beautiful experience and I can’t imagine going through it without Jade and my team! I am convinced that it went faster and easier because of her knowledge and experience. If I am blessed with more children I will 100% be going this route again. I don’t ever want to give birth without Jade!

As a first time mom, you try to prepare as much as possible. As much as I believe your body wants and knows how to give birth—the support of a doula can make all the difference. Birth is a time you should relax knowing that you have all the support you could want and need from your partner and providers. Having someone there to help position and support you is indispensable. Not only did it give me the ability to relax knowing I had her there, it helped my husband to not have all the weight of the moment on him alone. He could focus on me better having her there.

I will be telling all my friends that they need to have a doula at their birth.

Thank you Jade for all you do!"

"It was "Meet the Doulas" night in June 2022 when I first met Jade and the Whole Mama Collective team of doulas. I will always consider this moment one of my life's greatest blessings.

For most of my life, I was overly nervous about pregnancy and childbirth. I knew I needed to find a strong support network of women. Finding someone as magnetic as Jade was more than I could have hoped for... She put my soul at ease from the instant I walked through the door with her warm smile and the sincerest of hugs. Her loving and maternal energy is palable and, without question, I immediately knew that I was in the right place. Her team shared this same energy and their model of care is extraordinary. 

Throughout my pregnancy, I had the opportunity to meet and develop a relationship with each doula. They all share the same fundamental approach - that a mother's sense of safety is top priority and they have the tools/resources/experience to provide anything you can imagine. The uncertainty of birth and whether or not the doctor or doula will be available when I went into labor caused me tons of anxiety. If you are working with an independent doula, you do not know if they will be sick or have some emergency on the day you go into labor.  But WMC model of care as a collective completely absolved that fear for me.

Ultimately, Robyn was the doula on call the day I went into labor and she is a superwoman!  I back-labored without any pain medication and she knew every trick in the book to help ease the pain.  Positions, postures, when to switch things up, how and where to apply pressure - she knew how to instruct my husband and she also knew when to intervene. Her care was nothing short of miraculous.

I am infinitely grateful for Jade and the entire team not only for an amazing birth experience, but for all the support in the month prior that allowed me to actually enjoy my pregnancy. "

Working with Cara was a dream come true for my birth experience. Cara made sure to stay in contact with me the weeks and days leading up to my delivery making sure I was doing okay mentally, physically, and emotionally for my  upcoming labor. I also stayed in contact with her throughout my hospital stay until the time came for her to come be present with me. As soon as she walked in the room the whole environment changed! She set the mood with candles, essential oil diffusers, and got me moving in new positions to have an overall positive approach  to getting me into the best laboring stages. My laboring before and after her being there was a night and day difference. As things became more intense she became absolutely in tune with me and led me very graciously to the next comfortable steps. One of my favorite memories was her setting up a station in the tub for me to feel the shower pressure on my back, the atmosphere that was created by her was magical.  She used encouraging words throughout the whole birthing process and helped me manage all my emotions and anything that was arising as time progressed. Cara stayed attentive to me all night long with the nurses to make sure I was in the most comfortable position and helped keep me calm overall. Every little thing she did always made me feel the most comfortable and content. Cara was like having an Angel in the room to guide me and made my birthing experience a million times better. I am so thankful for Cara and could not recommend her more for your birth, I am forever so grateful to have had her as my doula.

"Jade was absolutely INCREDIBLE. She has so much intuition and natural gifting to know exactly what is needed without being asked. My birth experience would have been SO different without her. She is so personable and nurturing. My birth was a fast 1 hour and 20 minutes with little time between contractions. I could barely communicate and Jade was able to read each part so beautifully to support me. She is extremely knowledgeable in pressure points and how to effectively do counter pressure to help relieve tension. A really important part of the birth was making sure my husband felt involved and that we were able to be a team. Jade was able to guide my husband and teach him the different releases to focus on while I had contractions. 

I truly do not know how I would have done a natural birth without Jades calming presence, expertise, mothering, or natural intuition."

"I was so lucky to have Jade support me during my vbac birth! She is truly amazing and made my second birth experience magical. My first pregnancy ended in a traumatic emergency c-section and I knew this second time I needed strong support team to empower me through this birth. Jade was so excited to support me and to help me have a healing vbac. This labor was quite long and had many twists and turns that I had to navigate and Jade was there every step of the way— empowering me to trust myself, my intuition and my body. My water had broken with meconium, labor was slow to start, the baby was sunny side up, and eventually became stuck as I was going through transition. Luckily Jade is an expert at knowing different positions to help move and turn the baby so labor could continue progressing. She worked at getting me in various positions, massaging me, and coaching me through each contraction. After countless hours and many positions later, the baby had turned and moved so it was no longer stuck! It was Jade‘s profound knowledge and skill and confident, passionate nature that helped me to bring this baby into the world and have a successful vbac. I am forever grateful to her and her team for this experience. This birth was monumental to my healing journey and I am so happy she was there to  help usher in our healthy baby boy into this world! I cannot recommend her enough, she is an invaluable asset to your birth team!"

"Jade was my third doula & by far the best! My other two were more hands-off. I loved Jade's physical support, which helped me through my wave of rapid contractions. (Of course, she was there to support me and would've been more hands-off had I wanted that, but I wanted all the massages & hip openers.)

After a miserable pregnancy, I was dead set on getting an epidural. My labor was going so fast though that she helped me work through my mental block and I was able to deliver naturally again, which I am so grateful for because the recovery is almost always easier that way! Thanks to Jade, I felt supported and able to push through."

"Jade is the super doula you never knew you needed. I knew that I wanted to have a natural labor and I knew that I wanted a doula but when it came to game day I NEEDED a doula to get me through. Here are a few reasons why Jade was so pivitol in helping me maintain my medicationless birth.

1) She knew all of the things to try to help minimize my contractions. She knew where to push, where to rub, where to shake. If you're a first time mom you don't really know what you need, you just know you need RELIEF! And Jade was able to try a myriad of different things and find what worked for my body to help me get through it.

2) Husbands are helpless, UNLESS you have phenomenal instructor. Jade instructed my hubby to do and say things to help me get through. She was the captain and he was the quarterback. Without her playbook he would have been lost. She helped him feel powerful in helping me which helped me not subconsciously worry about him.

3) Any "negative" thing that was happening to my body that would have instilled fear was shifted into something beatiful and beneficial. For example I threw up and it scared me. But Jade was right there with the incredible affirmations exclaiming how wonderful it was that I was making more space for my baby and that I was releasing all this energy. She made it seem like it was the best thing in the world to throw up which took away all the fear.

4) She knew how to stretch me in ways to help speed up labor. There were moments of intensity but she kept encouraging me with, "do you want to meet your baby faster? You can do this. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING FOR ONE MINUTE!"

5) When I started vocalizing intensly and feeling a little embarrassed about the noises I was making, Jade was right there telling me that I was a tribal warrior goddess and I was tapping into my primal instincts. Super empowering!

I could keep going but I'm out of space. You need her. I could NOT have done it w/o her."

"My experience with Jade and her team was absolutely amazing. I felt so supported before, during and after the birth of my daughter. In the moments when I was most scared, frustrated or simply impatient they surrounded me and my family with love and support and made it all feel lighter. I will always remember them kindly and am so glad my daughter came into a world full of love, laughter and support from her first breath on. All my love! :) "

"We strongly recommend Jade for ANYONE looking for a doula. This was our first pregnancy and we couldn't ask for anyone better - she is extremely knowledgeable and brings so much positive energy.  She was able to help me with positioning when my baby was in an unfavorable place, and helped me work thru all the obstacles I faced during labor.  She was there for me thru my entire weekend of labor and was my ultimate cheerleader.  I would have more babies just to work with Jade again! Thank you Jade!"

"I don't have enough words to accurately describe what Jade has done for my family and what she means to me. I went into labor on Christmas Eve, and despite it being a holiday, she was checking in with very frequently and was as chill as a cucumber as I was progressing at home. She texted me videos, tricks, and things to remember as the day went on. Just listening to her soothing voice made me feel so confident and able to believe and trust my body. During my birth, she knew EXACTLY what I needed even when I couldn't tell her myself. I gave birth unmedicated in a birthing center and did not feel embarrassed to be fully naked or make all kinds of animal noises! She made me feel so comfortable and heard, and provides the BEST massages. Jade is a powerhouse- she is always so sweet, energetic, motherly, and friendly. When you meet her, you will feel like she's been in your life for decades. I truly do not feel that I could have accomplished such a magnificent birth without her as my doula. At 4 months postpartum, I still think about her and how great of an influence she had on all of us. Jade has all the traits you'd want in a doula- empathetic, calming, confident, funny, flexible, understanding, skilled, and passionate. We LOVE Jade and we know you will too!!! She is the absolute best ever!!!!!"

"It was such a blessing to have had Jade be the Doula on call the day I gave birth to my son. From the stretching, massaging, to the craniosacral work she did it was all AMAZING and exactly what I felt I needed. Jade worked hard!!! She also gave instruction to my partner on what to do so he felt a part of the process instead of being pushed to the side not knowing what to do. Jade was very encouraging. She helped keep me (and my partner) calm and focused. Exactly the kind of coach I needed that day! Her personality was the perfect fit for us."

"The short of it is: I could not have achieved the birth experience I desired without the commitment Jade had for it as well. My connection with Jade was instantaneous, as her personality both entertains and comforts me. Because of that connection, I was able to surrender during one of the most intense experiences of my life.
Prior to pregnancy, I believe that a woman should not have to transition through the veil of labor and delivery alone. Through my own birth experience, I learned it is absolutely necessary that a woman be supported through that beautifully-difficult endeavor. I, myself, would not have achieved an unmedicated birth without my doula. I'm so grateful for Jade and her expertise. Anyone under her care is extremely blessed!"

"I had the most incredible birthing experience with Jade! This was my second natural birth, but my first birth center experience. Night and day difference. I think Jade may have worked almost as hard as I was! Ha! I would not have had that same experience without all her support, energy, and guidance. I would recommend to everyone !"

"I had Rosie for my doula and I can not even begin to say how important she was in my birth experience. I feel like I owe her so much for everything she did for me.  She changed my labor experience. I started labor and my contractions were pretty painful and when she showed up my labor changed into this amazing beautiful experience and somehow less painful. She was there every second and every step of the way supporting me and helping me. I had my husband and my 17 year old daughter in the room and they both thought she was the most amazing person and couldn't believe how helpful she was. A doula is the first thing I will recommend to anyone who is newly pregnant because I feel they are the most important part in your labor and delivery I do not know how I would if done it without her. I'm so grateful to have had Rosie the doula there and for the amazing birth of my daughter."

"Rosie the doula was absolutely amazing. I can not even begin to say how beneficial she was. I feel like I owe her so much for how amazing my birth experience was and will never forget.  I started labor and my contractions were pretty painful and when she got there my labor completely changed into this amazing experience where I just felt supported and I was in less pain she helped me every second and every step of the way. After having a doula that is the one thing I will always recommend first because that is how important they are in your delivery. I can not even imagine my labor without one now. I have two kids my first I did not have a doula and the second I did. Doulas are amazing and so important to having a amazing birth experience. "

"Absolutely wonderful experience with Whole Mama Collective. I got the birth of my dreams and felt completely supported! Even after birth I feel supported. I would recommend Jade and her group to anyone!!"

"I was so fortunate to have Jade and her team of doulas support me during the late stage of my pregnancy and actual labor. This was my third birth which should have been super smooth and easier than the last two but my babies come out Sunnyside that make laboring much more difficult to do unmedicated. Jade was so positive and excited to support me when I initially began communicating with the doula team. As I approached the weeks leading to my due date I received regular text messages and check in calls from the doulas on call to make sure I was ok. I thought I was in labor on 4-5 different occasions and each time I had a question regarding timing contractions or if I should go into the hospital the doula team helped me figure out what to do.  When it came time to actually go to the hospital and deliver my sweet girl I could not have done it without the doula on call Rosie. The birth was particularly challenging. I had very painful back contractions and Rosie helped me get through each one and empowered me to continue fighting for the natural birth I was hoping for. I wanted to give up on a few occasions but Rosie was right there to cheer me on. I honestly could not have done this without doula support and feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Jade and her team. Thank you so much for helping me with such grace. I recommend this doula team for anyone expecting a little one. They are wonderful and will help you deliver your baby the way you want to. "

"As I reflect on my recent birth with Whole Mama Wellness Collective, I couldn't be more grateful. While Jade has been my doula for my previous two births, this was my first experience with the collective. Knowing I had multiple doulas to turn to for support was reassuring and allowed me to feel as if I were part of a village. There was always someone to provide wisdom and encouragement, especially as my birth plans changed unexpectedly at 38 weeks due to the onset of preeclampsia. Despite the change in birth location and plans, I was able to have a physiologic birth in the hospital on my terms. I felt fierce and empowered. Jade prepared me both mentally and physically. The strength of her hands eased the powerful sensations of contractions. Her presence calmed my nerves. My labor was enjoyable, which I thought people lied about until I experienced it myself. I will forever cherish the time spent with her and my husband by my side as I laughed, danced, and rode the waves of labor. Thank you, Jade and Whole Mama Wellness Collective!"

"First, the collective model- Having a collective means you are supported by a community of strong, supportive, smart women instead of just one person. It took the pressure off of finding a "perfect doula"-- instead I had three unique and knowledgable doulas (Bailey, Jade and Kate) who worked so well together to help me feel confident and in control of my choices before, during and after birth (+ Jessica for lactation support!).

My partner and I hired this collective about 2 months before my due date. They supported us with every little question around 3rd trimester discomfort, helped us navigate switching OB providers to someone supportive of natural birth, supported a late decision to plan a home birth (and recommended an excellent midwife) and crucially for me, calmly navigated complications around delivery the day before my baby was born which landed us back in the hospital. 

At 40+6 I had a biophysical profile which showed that we couldn’t have a home birth and needed to go to the hospital that evening. Kate, Jade and Bailey helped me understand the situation and options, advocate for myself and calm my nerves and anxiety. They helped us ask the right questions, relax and have a safe, medication free birth at the hospital, ultimately not too different than what we had planned. 

Kate joined us at the hospital. With the collective model, I had a choice (assuming they were available)-- honestly I would have been comfortable with any of the doulas because of their continual support to that point. She was so patient, calming, comforting- I really do not have the proper words to describe her support. We trusted her completely and she kept me focused and calm through labor to the moment I met my daughter.

We feel so lucky that these women were part of our birth story and are grateful to be part of their community. I would recommend Whole Mama Wellness to anyone without hestitation."

"Jade is one of the more beautiful souls (inner and outer) that I've ever connected with. On the eve of my sons 2nd birthday last week after reflecting on the events surrounding his arrival, I re-lived some of the monumentous moments and how Jade has impacted my life to this point. She was such a major part of my getting through the most challenging times of my labor. From our first encounter she met me with open arms and an open heart and is one of the reasons I successfully delivered my son vaginally after having a cesarean with my first child. I'm so grateful that she was apart of my birth team and that our paths aligned when they did. "

"It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Jade. She was a pleasure to work with! We hired Jade as our doula for our second birth when I was 36 weeks pregnant and she provided excellent support from Day 1. She eased my anxiety about heading towards a VBAC (first birth was a cesarean due to frank breech position). I had a h/o back pain and was unsure how my body would handle labor. She sent links to podcasts, articles, and checked in regularly, which kept me on track with yoga and other preparations for labor and birth. She also taught my husband methods to help support my pregnancy and impending labor. 

Jade has a wealth of knowledge regarding birth, midwifery, the body, and best practice to support each mama on an individual basis. Our initial meeting with Jade was via a virtual platform (in the time of COVID!) and by the end of our meeting we were confident she was the right fit.  She took notes about my past medical history and anxieties regarding labor and birth, and reassured me by explaining techniques that would provide relief for my back pain. As a PNP, I was impressed by her vast medical knowledge base and felt confident as my due date approached. 

At 41+3 days, I woke with a fever and contractions, leading to a cesarean delivery that afternoon due to infection. Jade provided wonderful support. She came to the hospital immediately and waited outside the OR during my cesarean. She supported me during post-op recovery while my husband accompanied our baby girl to the nursery for evaluation and Jade remained with us into the evening. Her calm demeanor, soothing touch, and great conversation was much appreciated! She also knew the midwife and anesthesiologist on call that day, which created a more relaxed, friendly environment, and helped to form a wonderful birth story that we will never forget.

I highly recommend Jade to support any woman's birth! She is wonderful and will make a great midwife some day. <3"

"My wife and I hired Jade to be our Doula for our second pregnancy. I was on the fence about having a Doula in general because, in my head the first pregnancy went "fine". I didn't argue too much with my wife because she would be carrying the baby for 9 months and delivering her, so of course we should do it the way she wants. 

After meeting, Jade I knew we made the right choice. Her knowledge was apparent from our very first meeting, and she was very kind and brought great energy. 

Jade never made me feel like I wasn't a part of the birthing process, in fact, a large part of her focus was on getting me more involved and showing me how to be a supportive partner during birth.

My wife and I had an amazing birth experience, and have Jade to thank for it. We would definitely hire her again if we have another!"

"Jade is the best! Even from our first meeting, I just knew she would be the perfect fit for us and our birth - especially for my first attempt at a natural birth. She always shared tons of info with us to allow us to make whatever decisions for birth. And when it came time for labor, Jade made even the toughest contractions seem like no big deal - the magic touch!!!"

"Hiring Jade to guide me through the journey of preparing for my baby and delivery was the best decision I ever made. As you read through reviews, there is no need to look any further. Jade is undoubtedly the best Doula you will find. This review is honest, comes from the heart, and is based on my recent experience. First, Jade has an amazing ability to make you feel comfortable. No matter where you are at in your journey she has the aptness to meet you where you are. When I first met Jade, I immediately felt at ease and drawn to her personality. I highly believe when you meet her you will feel the same. As we moved forward in my pregnancy, she helped me to move past my fears and doubts with sincerity, understanding and encouragement. During my labor Jade was my rock. Jade had an amazing ability to help me stay focused, stay positive, and coached me with positivity and love. There is no doubt that I was able to have a natural child birth with her help. Second, Jade provides you with relevant, honest and straight forward information. Although I knew I wanted a meaningful birth experience, I never knew about doula services or other similar options. Jade informed me about all other available options. She provided me detailed information about the value of birthing outside of a traditional hospital setting, providers, and physical and mental well-being. Finally, because of Jade I was able to create a meaningful birth experience that I wanted and not what others or society told me that I should have. Jade is an amazing person. She's knowledgeable and caring. She’s gifted. In my life experience it's rare to find someone who's meant to be in their field. Jade is one of those people. Jade has more than a strong interest in this field, she has a passion and love for it and she wants to share that with you. Look no further, you'll be happy you decided to partner with Jade!"

"Jade was awesome! She took on the birthing process and helped so much with pain tolerance, breathing, positioning, and transitions. Couldn't have done it without her, use her if you get a chance won't regret it."

 Happy Daddy,

"My first birth was an emergency cesarean and I wanted to try for a VBAC for my second, which is why I sought out a doula. When I met Jade I felt a sense of peace. I’m not sure how else to describe how I knew she was the best match for us except that I felt calm and safe in her presence. I assumed a doula was primarily meant to provide comfort measures during labor and be an advocate and educator, but Jade was so much more than that. In fact, my labor was so quick (5 hours from first contraction to the birth) that we really only spent 1 hour together during my labor. I truly believe it was the prep work we had done throughout my pregnancy that resulted in that speedy of a labor. The education and resources she provided made my husband and I feel knowledgeable, empowered, and prepared. She also made sure I was prepared for the postpartum period. She suggested I prep meals to freeze and sent me invites to free events in the valley that set me up for success. 

I had the most beautiful, unmedicated birth and attribute so much of my success to her. She made me feel confident and I learned to trust my body. My husband was so skeptical to hire a doula, but now he will tell you he is so fortunate we had Jade by our side throughout this journey. We would hire her all over again and are forever grateful she was a part of our birth!"

"I had a successful natural VBAC at a birth center with Jade as one of my doulas. Someone asked me what my favorite part of my birth story was and I replied “Jade!” She showed up with a warm smile and rubbed my back in early labor and I was overwhelmingly reassured by her energy that everything was going to be alright. Jade was extremely hands on, moving my legs and body into different positions, applying pressure to my low back and hips, doing massage and pressure points, all helping me to cope with the pain and move baby down. Jade is very strong (physically) and held me for hours in a supported standing position through my contractions. Jade spoke positive affirmations and words of encouragement  about my body, my baby, and my strength all throughout the labor. She was with me every minute and I felt extremely supported. It was an honor and privilege to have Jade help bring my baby earth side! Jade also followed up with multiple postpartum visits to me and baby. I can’t imagine having a future birth without her!"

"Jade was the doula for our first child's birth. It was a wonderful experience having her with us. Jade is a great person. She is very positive person and it was really nice having her energy during the labor. She suggested a number of different body positions that really helped move the labor along. She is a kind and very knowledgable person. I recommend her highly." Daddy

"My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Jade for the birth of our daughter.  We were first-time parents, and having her support through a long hospital labor made all the difference with the outcome of our birth.  Our birth vision had changed from a birthing center to a hospital setting, and Jade helped us feel empowered during a stressful situation.  We ended up having a beautiful natural birth.  My husband was my birthing coach, and found working with Jade very easy and a wonderful compliment to our birthing team.  Jade genuinely cares about her clients, and listens to their wishes and feelings helping parents feel strong and capable.  We feel blessed to have met Jade, and have her part of our birth.  She came prepared to the hospital with transforming our sterile hospital room into a cozy home-like environment using tea candles, and calming essential oils with soothing music.  Jade was insightful at helping me switch positions when needed, in addition to being flexible and helping both me and my husband throughout our long journey of laboring.  If we have a second baby, we already know we want Jade there by our side.  She is a kindred spirit, lovely woman, and provided us the emotional, physical, and mental support we both needed to have a successful natural birth.  On top of it, she also took pictures throughout the labor for keepsake memories.  She wanted to remind me of how strong I was during our labor, and I felt so empowered looking at what I had overcome and honoring my personal commitments I had made to my daughter.  Every family expecting a baby needs to experience having a doula, as they are the most meaningful person that can guide you during a life-changing moment.  Jade, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!   We are so lucky to have you participate in our birth!!! " 

"My pregnancy and delivery were already being considered high risk because I was 39 years old and was planning on having a VBAC. I didn’t know a lot about doulas and just how beneficial they are to both mom and dad to be. I reached out to Jade (my son's schoolmates mom) to see if she could recommend a midwife, doctor or just had any help for me. She immediately started making calls and doing everything she could to calm me down. I remember her telling me that regardless of my situation, she would be happy to come and just massage my feet and back during my labor. I thought that was sweet but had no intention of taking her up on her offer. Somewhere along the way we decided that she HAD to be my doula and there was no way I wanted to do this without her. That day a beautiful friendship and partnership was born.  Fast forward to go time; we were off! Jade showed up at my house so she could help my husband get me to the hospital and from that moment on we were all in great hands, literally. She was on point and aware of everything the entire time. She helped not only me, but my husband, remain calm. She coached him on to how to coach me which took the thinking away for him so he could just be in the moment with me. Jade knew exactly when I would get scared or be in “just too much” pain and would immediately lock eyes with me and get me back to neutral.  Her massage and oil blends were perfect. They kept me calm and relaxed almost my entire labor and delivery.  Jade knew exactly how and when to intervene, when to let my husband be my focal point and when to step away to let the two, and then three of us, just be.  I know, without a doubt in my mind that without her by my side for not only my labor and delivery but for those last 11 weeks, I would not have had my perfect delivery.  Jade will far exceed your expectations and make this an experience that you and/or both you and your partner will not want to forget. "

"Miss Jade is the best thing that happened to me during my pregnancy. I wasn't aware that I needed a Doula when I got asked if I will have one. After a recommendation and an interview with her I knew it was exactly the kind of support and knowledge I need to do my planned natural birth. Jade is personable, hands on, knowledgeable and cares deeply and passionately for her clients. She will make you feel like you and your baby are the number one thing in this world she cares about. She is full of resources and if she isn't sure about something she will do her research before giving you a solid answer. I love everything about this as this is how I think and believe it should be. I don't know how I would have done in my labor and birth if it wasn't for her. When I felt like I was going to lose it during the roughest part of contractions she was able to bring me back in and focus on my breathing and the baby. Birthing my son is definitely the most beautiful and empowering thing I have ever done in my life and I am so glad I had Jade there with us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! ? ♥?"

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