Our Mission

We are four individual women + mamas with a shared heart for re-villiaging our local community through birthwork. Nestled near Central Phoenix, we serve families all over the valley. 

Our vision is to inform, educate, and empower each birthing person and their family on their journey into parenthood and to provide families with the support they need to thrive in the seasons following baby's arrival. We strive to provide our services through a balanced and holistic model of support based on both current evidence based care and ancient wisdom. We honor the privilege is it be present with families during each unique transition into parenthood + beyond.


Our Family 

  • Kate Taylor

    I'm a wife, biological+foster mom, doula, and birth+family photographer. My heart was pulled into birth work after welcoming my firstborn, and I've never looked back. I believe that birth should be an empowering, beautiful, and sacred experience. As a doula and foster mom, I work tirelessly to build confidence and trust. When we feel safe and supported, we are our best selves.

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    Bailey Wilson

    I'm a Pacific Northwest transplant turned desert mama of two, wife, doula, and  local birth +family photographer. I got into birthwork after recognizing my own need for support during my first birth, and my heart for this work has only grown since then. I have a heart for walking beside  families during their pregnancies and supporting them through their birth and into their next season or life.

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    Jade Anderson

    I am a wife, mother of four and sister to a very special human named Danny. Next to my family,  my passion in life is helping other families create memories surrounding the birth of their baby. Families are born through the birthing experience and its my goal to make each one an experience to remember forever!

  • Gila Shire

    I come to birthwork after more than a decade in  nursing, certifying as a massage therapist, and extensive yoga training. I am grateful that the skills I have gained over the years help me to provide comprehensive care to each family I encounter. I recognize the incredible rite of passage that birth is and strive to provide each of my families with valuable tools as they experience this sacred and natural event. 

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