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Our Mission

We are individual women + mamas with a shared heart for re-villaging our local community through birthwork. Nestled near Central Phoenix, we serve families all over the valley. 

Our vision is to inform, educate, and empower each birthing person and their family on their journey into parenthood, and to provide families with the support they need to thrive in the seasons following baby's arrival. We strive to provide our services through a balanced and holistic model of support based on both current evidence based care and ancient wisdom. We honor the privilege is it be present with families during each unique transition into parenthood + beyond.

Similar to OBs, birth assistants, and midwives, we work as a collective, sharing a call schedule to ensure that we can always provide you with a doula who is well rested and able to be fully present on the day of your birth. When you hire Whole Mama Wellness Collective to be a part of your birthing team, you have access to all of our doulas throughout your pregnancy, and into your fourth trimester. We work closely with each of our birthing families, building community and a deep connection so that no matter which of us is present to support you on your baby's birthday, you are comfortable and confident in your journey.

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